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Latest Apps
  • Rechordus Rechordus

    Make photos come alive with Rechordus. Upload your photos, add audio tags and invite friends to record their own thoughts and experiences.

  • MadBall : Say Hello To Madness MadBall : Say Hello To Madness

    The game is simple! tap to jump! You think it's easy? Try it now and guide the ball through an incredible journey full of traps and challenges! Features: -Simple gameplay which is easy to learn but hard to master! -60 different levels and 9 endless modes that can entertain you for hours. -10 original soundtracks that will give you a unique experience with the challenges. -Colorful game environment. -Multiple different special cubes like super jump, turbo, gravity changer and... -Compete with other players with your high scores!

  • Anaguia Eventos Anaguia Eventos

    Anaguia é o aplicativo que te deixa por dentro dos melhores eventos e festas na cidade de Anápolis e região. Com ele, você fica sabendo das melhores festas em casas noturnas e estâncias, de apresentações musicais em bares, além de outros eventos culturais e artísticos que irão acontecer na cidade. Com o Anaguia, você fica por dentro de todas as opções de lazer e entretenimento em Anápolis. Além de ser a sua agenda de eventos, você pode conferir as casas e bares noturnos mais badalados da cidade no mapa do nosso app, e também as galerias de fotos das festas que já passaram! E pra ficar melhor ainda, você pode usar o aplicativo Anaguia para concorrer a ingressos! Alguns eventos podem permitir que você envie seu nome e email para que sejam usados no sorteio. Após ocorrido, o resultado é divulgado na descrição do evento de form

  • ניו דלי - NewDeli ניו דלי - NewDeli

    מזמינים מהאפליקציה וחותכים את התור! מהיר - איסוף ללא תור (בתשלום באשראי). מיוחד - מנות מיוחדות ומבצעים. קל - שמירת סנדוויצ׳ים שאהבתם. מה עוד? תשלום מהיר באשראי, זיהוי הסניף הקרוב ביותר, והתפריט המלא של הסנדוויצ׳ים שלנו. הביס הבא במרחק נגיעה! איך מזמינים? בוחרים איפה אתם רוצים לאכול (הסניפים יופיעו לפי סדר הקרבה למיקום שלכם) ואז מחליטים מה בא לכם ועם איזה תוספות. כשתתקרבו לסניף נשלח לכם הודעה כדי לבדוק האם להתחיל להכין את ההזמנה שלכם - כדי שתקבלו את הסנדוויץ׳ שלכם כמה שיותר חם. בתיאבון!

  • Call Big Chungus Da Wae Call Big Chungus Da Wae

    enjoy this phone call from big Chungus. It simulates an incoming phone call from a funny Chungus

  • Berlin Tourism Berlin Tourism

    Looking for an unforgettable tourism experience in Berlin? Just go with us. This Berlin travel guide provides hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, most popular tourism spots and more. Welcome provides information about city Berlin, it involves history, Facts, modes of travel in Berlin Destinations are the attractions, historical places, tourism places and beautiful destinations Stay helps you to stay in best hotel for the ultimate pleasure in Berlin Pictures provides a beautiful collection of Berlin images Visitor Map points all beautiful destinations and hotels in Berlin Place Finder helps to find your point of interests like trendy restaurants, popular bars, events, movies, attractions clubs and many more Photo Edits fulfils your image editing needs. It can transform your photos into the art of a professional World Time shows current time, date, sunrise, sunset for all cities in the world.

  • ImageTall ImageTall

    Any image can be stitched together into a long image. Features: 1. Quickly select the picture to be spliced from the album, and select the original high-definition picture; 2. Click the selected picture to support cutting and Mosaic; 3. One-click the growth chart and save it in the album. Say not much, oneself download experience.

  • Dan Clark Auction and Realty Dan Clark Auction and Realty

    Dan Clark Auction & Realty LLC provides Land & Residential Auctions, Farm & Ranch Equipment Auctions and offers Real Estate listings thru our Real Estate Brokerage firm. We provide live auctions with online bidding and also online only auctions. We specialize in the marketing and sale of Ranch & Farm properties, Ranch and Farm Equipment. We also sell several yearly commercial & purebred livestock sales. Let our team use our combined 40-plus years of experience in the auction & real estate business to ensure that your property gets marketed successfully.

  • Filter Or Hide your photos Filter Or Hide your photos

    • Not a regular filter app! • Use Hidden album to store your private photos. • Private place. Passcode locked. What you can use the app for: - Keep fun moments - Save special experiences - Protect copies of documents, licenses, cards Your photos & videos are personal, so keep them private from other curious eyes. You can use the app as a regular filter app. Or shake your phone anytime to access the hidden album. Enter your passcode to watch & store your personal files. Features: - Simple interface - Easy-to-access storage - Save your photos & videos in a private hidden album - Apply filters to photos - Set your personal passcode To ensure your security, the app does not keep your files in any kind of servers. The app uses your device's internal storage only. If you delete the app - files in the app will also be deleted. Make sure to Export your files from the app, if you need to delete the app for any reason!

  • preZento preZento

    preZento is the presenter's best friend. Why? 1. It helps you quickly connect to any device without cables, network requirements or any security risk. 2. It enriches your presentation with funny and engagement content.

  • Math Expression Calculator Math Expression Calculator

    A simple, elegant calculator that performs calculations with numbers up to a fairly large precision.

  • 吉米爱消除 吉米爱消除

    【上手简单,休闲有趣】 游戏操作简单易上手,三个相连即可消除经典玩法!单手操作轻松便捷,轻移指尖,即享畅快! 【随时随地都能玩】 不用流量,点击开始即可尽情享受愉快的消除快感!消除烦恼,消除无聊,尽在点击之间! 【画风可爱有趣】 清新的萌系卡通画风,明晰的界面设计,华丽爽快的特效效果,各种可爱游戏的小动物等你来发现!

  • eyePoint Classification Scale eyePoint Classification Scale

    Children with cerebral palsy affecting the whole body who have little or no functional speech, and who cannot use limb movements to point or select, are often reliant on using their eyes to communicate and engage with the world. Professionals observe children’s looking behaviour during assessment as a way of determining receptive language and cognitive abilities in this otherwise hard to assess population. Deliberate eye gaze fixations can also be used as an access method for augmentative & alternative communication (AAC). Although the term eye-pointing is often used when describing children’s looking behaviours, there is often poor agreement between professionals concerning which looking behaviours constitute genuine eye-pointing for communication and which do not. A lack of consensus can have profound implications for clinical practice. The eye-pointing classification scale has been designed and tested to support professionals and families to systematically describ

  • DC Blockchain Summit 2019 DC Blockchain Summit 2019

    Advocating for the Future of Blockchain Mobile app for attendees of the 4th annual DC Blockchain Summit, the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s annual gathering held in partnership with Georgetown University’s Center for Financial Markets and Policy.

  • Maine Boat Ramps - USA Maine Boat Ramps - USA

    Welcome, Maine Boat Ramp Locator is designed to help you to locate boat ramps and also provides descriptive information, maps, directions and poi search for hundreds of publicly maintained and commercially maintained boat ramps throughout Maine.You can search for areas of interest, local events, trendy restaurants, things to do. You can get best boating experience with our Maine Boat Ramp Locator App

  • Hamara Solan Radio Hamara Solan Radio

    Hamara MSPICM 90.4 FM, Himachal Pradesh's first community radio - a venture floated by the M S Panwar Institute of Communication and Management (MSPICM) was launched in Solan district. The station was inaugurated by the Chief Secretary of government of Himachal Pradesh Asha Swaroop. The community radio caters to the area within 10 kilometers radius from the main station that has been installed at the institute. The radio focuses on the developmental aspects of the local area. MSPICM director Brijender Singh Panwar says, The content revolves around developmental issues of health, agriculture, employment, government opportunities, literacy programmes and life coping skills etc.

  • Bunny Hoppy Bunny Hoppy

    Tap to hop the bunny onto the platforms, time your jumps, and hop to the top!

  • Izhiman Premier Izhiman Premier

    We are introducing this application for our customers by which shopping became more exciting. Izhiman Premier app is a blend of interesting features that easily connects our customers with our brand. It enable the customers to receive point for each purchase & receive gifts for their special occasions. Keep track of all your reward points and on our special offers & promotions and eliminate the need to carry plastic cards. As a valued Customer, you are able to create your own account to surf our products, share it with your friends, locate our stores, and receive rewards on referrals and purchases, in addition to your ability to evaluate your experience with Izhiman Premier. Special Deals, Notifications and picture gallery to showcase our products and stay up-to-date with our offers. SHOP MORE to receive more benefits through Izhiman Premier loyalty program app. نقدم لزبائننا هذا التطبيق المميز ليزيد من متعة التسوق في جميع فروعنا. تطبيق إزحيمان بريمير يحتوي على مجموعه من

  • Ingrad - repost photo editor Ingrad - repost photo editor

    Ingrad is the easiest pic repost app! Choose from tons of trendy template designs to TELL YOUR STORY with one watermarked picture! Hundreds of awesome effects, stickers, frames, backgrounds, patterns! Get creative, come up with some neat stuff or make your photos extra special! Ingrad introduces a totally new way of using your Instagram, wrapped in simple and easy to use design. Don't miss the chance to express yourself by adorning your profile page and posting breathtaking large scale images.

  • Fueling Timer Fueling Timer

    If you are doing a diet that requires intervals between meals, such as Optavia or Medifast. This app can help you out! When you each your first meal or fueling, start your timers for the day and be reminded when to eat for the rest of the day. You can change the time between each timer to better fit into your schedule. Snooze alarms if they go off at an inconvenient time. You can start the timers from your Apple Watch and get your alarm notifications on it as well.

  • Rock Paper Scissors Strategic Rock Paper Scissors Strategic

    A new and exciting version of the well-known game Rock-Paper-Scissors, where there are no coincidences and you have to think strategically if you want to win the game. The winner of the game is the player who gets 4 points first. A point is won by eliminating one of the opponent’s ROCK or PAPER pieces. You can win 2 points by eliminating one of the opponent’s SCISSORS pieces. The players take turns moving their game pieces. A player can choose to use his turn A: Either to move a game piece standing on a round spot. B: Or to move one of the game pieces on the squares on the game board. One move is composed of three steps. In each step, the piece is moved from its current square to one of the unoccupied neighboring squares. One of the opponent’s pieces can be eliminated in the third step if it is standing on a neighboring square. The same rules apply as in the original Rock-Paper-Scissors game: ROCK CAN ONLY BEAT SCISSORS. SCISSORS CAN ONLY BEAT PAPER. PAPER CAN ONLY BE

  • Уроки Медитации Уроки Медитации

    В приложении есть плеер с мелодиями мантры для киртана. После завершения киртана, приложение направит вас на страницу таймера медитации. Выставляйте необходимую длительность перед началом практики и во время медитации не нужно беспокоиться о времени, приложение оповестит вас мягким звуком об окончании практики. Если вы еще не знаете, как медитировать, в приложении есть описание техники. Количество вашей практики будет храниться в облаке и никогда не потеряется, посмотреть цифры вы сможете в разделе «Статистика». Там же вы сможете увидеть сколько всего практики выполняется всеми пользователями приложения. Приложение – это инструмент для участия в марафонах, личных заданиях, вебинарах, онлайн-событиях проекта «урокимедитации». Ближайший большой марафон «Миллион часов киртана» стартует в январе 2019 года. «Миллион часов киртана» – это мотивация на медитацию и пение мантры, возможность быть в одном потоке с тысячами йогов, по

  • DU PreHealth DU PreHealth

    The Dillard PreLaw app is designed with students in mind. PreLaw students can use the app to receive up to date infomration about upcoming events and internships. Students will be able to view all Dillard PreLaw social media platforms as well book appointments with Adria Kimbrough, PreLaw Advisor.

  • Jonliz Market Jonliz Market

    Jonliz Market App

  • David Shepherd David Shepherd

    Parents, do you want to raise your child in the spirit of Christian traditions? We offer you a game that tells about little David, grazing sheep. The game not only helps to reveal the character of the hero from Holy Bible but also foster responsibility, quickness, reaction and just have a good time in an exciting and beautiful 3D game in the quest format. Game include following languages: -English -Spanish -Chinese -German -Russian

  • 北陸銀行口座開設&お手続きアプリ 北陸銀行口座開設&お手続きアプリ

    北陸銀行が提供する公式アプリです。 「北陸銀行口座開設&お手続きアプリ」は、本人確認書類の撮影や、必要な情報の送信をすることで口座開設や住所変更、各種サービスのお申し込みが完結するスマートフォン向けアプリです。 ■ご利用になれる方 お申込みいただくメニューによりご利用条件が異なります。 くわしくは、アプリ内の注意事項、規約類をご確認ください。 ■口座開設希望店について 口座開設可能な店舗は、お客さまのお住まいの住所もしくは勤務先等の住所の近隣店舗となります。 ※お住まいもしくは勤務先等の近隣に店舗がない場合は、ご利用になれません。 ※富山県・石川県・福井県・北海道以外に所在する店舗はご指定になれません。 ■ご利用方法 (1)アプリをインストール (2)本人確認書類、お客さまの顔写真等の撮影 (3)お客さま情報の入力・送信 (4)北陸銀行からメールが届きますとお申し込み完了となります。(お申込いただいてからの各種お手続き完了までの所要時間はサービスにより異なります。) ※口座開設をお申込のお客さまへ キャッシュカード等は本人限定受取郵便(特伝型。ただし、当行所定の本人確認がアプリ上で完了した場合は簡易書留郵便)にてお送りいたします。本人限定受取郵便をお受け取りの際には、郵便局が定める本人確認書類により本人確認をさせていただきます。お申し込み内容と相違している場合はキャッシュカード等をお渡しできませんので、ご注意ください。 ■対応機種 iOS 10.0以上を搭載したスマートフォン端末 ※推奨環境をお使いでも機種・端末の設定などにより正常に動作しない場合があります。 ※タブレットは推奨環境ではありません。 ■ご利用にあたって ※本アプリのご利用にあたっては、北陸銀行ホームページをご確認のうえ、お申し込みください。 ※本アプリは無料ですが、ダウンロードや利用時にかかる通信料はお客さまのご負担となります。

  • Jetisy Eriktileri Jetisy Eriktileri

    Приложение единомышленников, объединенных желанием помогать и делать этот мир чуточку добрее. Что мы для этого делаем? Принимаем участие в различных социально-значимых кампаниях: распространении необходимой информации, подготовке и проведении общественных акций, обучении и многое другое. Вы можете стать волонтером в самых различных проектах, действующих на територии Алматинской области и Казахстана. Вы можете получить опыт работы в какой-либо конкретной области, при этом помочь нуждающимся людям! Мобильное предложение "Жетісу еріктілері" было создано в поддержку проекта «Основы организации волонтёрской деятельности в Алматинской области» В рамках государственного социального заказа ГУ «Управление по вопросам молодежной политики Алматинской области»

  • 中生大健康 中生大健康


  • Block Puzzle - Training Brain Block Puzzle - Training Brain

    Block Puzzle is easy to learn, but hard to master! In this fun puzzle game, your task is to place the different shapes on the 8 x 8, 9 x 9, 10 x 10, 11 x 11, 12 x 12 grids. When you form a complete row or column, the pieces will convert into points! The game will increase difficulty base on the game's level. When you take 300 point, you will increase the game's level. Main feature in games: 1. Support two playing mode - Normal: Don't have limited time to place a shape in the grid - Challenge: If you don't place a shape in the grid in 10s, the program will place automatically a shape in the grid 2. Autosave and restore game 3. Support undo function in normal playing mode 4. Leaderboard 5. Play in day or night mode 6. Support to play on iPhone and iPad

  • Costa Mendes Costa Mendes

    Baixou chego Qualidade e excelência em nossos produtos, atendimento e serviços, agora tudo mais fácil de se encontrar na palma da mão, peça agora o seu delivery, dentro do nosso app.

  • Institut de Beauté L'Océane Institut de Beauté L'Océane

    L'Océane, le bien-être, tout simplement... À Pontoise, il est un lieu où le bien-être est roi : L’Océane. Dans un univers coloré où flotte une délicate odeur d’huile essentielle et de bougie parfumée, vous vous laisserez aller à la détente au cours d'un soin plein de douceur.

  • Funny Divination Funny Divination

    Find out the results of funny fortune telling using our application. In the application there is both a usual fortune telling and a fun goal for you for 2019

  • Planet Adventure-Start Travel Planet Adventure-Start Travel

    Interesting planet adventure, control the earth to start your planet travel! One-tap easy-to-learn controls and addictive gameplay mechanics.

  • Bricktropolis at Milestones Bricktropolis at Milestones

    Whose side are you on in this round the world brick adventure? 26 famous buildings from around the world are under threat from monsters! Be the hero or the villain in this interactive experience. WRECA (World Rampage, Extortion and Chaos Alliance) are demanding £15 trillion to call off their monster attack on global landmarks. SPIDA (Special Police International Defence Agency) are the only thing standing in their way. Adventurers of all ages can follow two trails using our guidebook or app to discover 26 amazing models up to 6 metres high in this incredible Milestones adventure. Will you join WRECA in their plot to destroy them or side with SPIDA in their mission to save them?

  • Сонний Толкование снов на русс Сонний Толкование снов на русс

    Сонник по дням и числам месяца - всегда актуальная и полная информацию по толкованию снов 2019. Сбывание снов по числам месяца. Как запомнить или забыть увиденное. Толкование снов по дням месяца в соннике. Сновидения по дням недели. Вероятность перехода ночных видений в реальность рассчитывается индивидуально в каждом случае.

  • Muscat Catering Muscat Catering

    Доставка фуршетных закусок от одного из лидера рынка кейтеринговых услуг Москвы. Мы разработали это приложение специально для наших постоянных клиентов. Доставка заказа день в день, свежие блюда, которые готовят специально для Вас, удобные способы оплаты и система лояльности делают наш сервис по-настоящему уникальным на рынке Москвы.

  • 金采红 金采红

    有句话叫做“大道为简”,国学其实是人类对大自然最简单质朴的认知和总结。学习国学可以慢慢从这些最质朴的认知中找到生活工作中难以解决的各种思想问题。从而获得对世界观和价值观获得开明和启示。举例很多电视剧里人物都是在失败后回归最初的生活状态而获得最大启迪,从而再次踏上征途战胜敌人获得胜利。 国学经典里面诸如唐诗宋词有好多很有意境和工整的诗词,细细品读,不仅提高文化涵养,还有让自己放松在古人的世界里,在这样一个松静自然的气场下,你的身心得到休整,思考得到释放,从而达到更高层次的人生状态。 鉴古而知今,毛主席熟读历史,和他在事业上取得的成就有巨大的作用。对我们不管是现在还是未来都有很好的指导作用。对我们做人,做事,立业,持家都有积极的作用。 读了古典国学等于有了左手,那么右手是什么呢,右手就是要对当今的格局、文化、科技和理念做一些必要的涉猎。古今都有了,人世间所有的东西都释然了,都明了了。你就是很有才华的人了。这些绝不是吹牛,水到渠成的道理啊。

  • Gemeinde Allschwil Gemeinde Allschwil

    Informationen rund um die Gemeinde Allschwil Allschwil – früher ein Sundgauer Bauerndorf, heute eine städtische Vorortsgemeinde – ist ein beliebter Wohnort. Die grösste Gemeinde des Kantons Basel-Landschaft bietet die Vorzüge des naturnahen Wohnens in Kombination mit einer gut ausgebauten Infrastruktur unweit von Basel sowie ein vielfältiges Kultur- und Vereinsleben. Mit dieser App können Sie sich laufend und mobil über das Leben, Wohnen und Arbeiten in unserer Gemeinde informieren. Aktuelle Meldungen erhalten Sie auf Wunsch per Push-Nachricht und Sie haben die Möglichkeit direkt mit uns in Kontakt zu treten. Sie finden unter anderem auch Informationen über Sehenswürdigkeiten, können im Veranstaltungskalender stöbern, sich über den Termin der nächsten Grünabfuhr informieren oder von unterwegs eine SBB Tageskarte bestellen.

  • 武昌视频 武昌视频

    移动视频监控平台MVS是针对特定的视频监控和管理目标开发的移动视频监控产品,目前已经广泛应用在平安城市、智能交通、平安校园、能源设施监控(电力、石油、水利)、农林牧渔监控等领域。 用户通过在手机上安装移动客户端,实现看、控、调、存等基本视频监控功能;系统采用视频转码技术、流媒体转发机制,以适应公共移动网络低带宽传输的要求;支持中心存储,系统架构基于堆叠、采用负载均衡技术,易扩展,兼容固网监控平台和原有前端设备。 MVS是移动视频手机客户端。在手机客户端用户可以进行实时视频的观看、对通道进行收藏、加入应急通道、截图、录像、云台控制等操作,还可以对截图和录像进行上传、查看等操作。

  • Expressing Expressing

    Expressing is a speed testing product on the App Store. Simply press 1 button and get the most accurate and reliable speed test, dedicated to iOS devices, all around the world. Anywhere, Anytime. Speedtest by internet speed will provide you the information you need quick and easy. What Speedtest by Internet Speed can do: - Discover your Download Speed - Discover your Upload Speed - Get your accurate Ping results - Real-time graphs measurement for the metrics Beautiful, smart, easy and most of all.

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