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Latest Apps
  • Lab Link Lab Link

    Notifications can be sent to any staff member at configurable points within the LIMS workflow: * When a test is requested; * When a test result is first available at the practice, received either from an internal or external laboratory; * When a test result is filed to the patient’s record; * When a request is complete; * After a set reminder period. When notified about new results, they can be viewed directly in the application. Up to 90 days’ of result data is always available for offline viewing on the device. Access to historic result data is possible via the flexible Search function. Search by client, patient, laboratory, equipment or work request ID to easily access your patients’ complete lab result data. Lab-Link utilises Apple Push Notifications to ensure you are informed the instant new result data is available. Notification types and recipients are configurable within LIMS and can be set on a per-request basis. Lab-Link requires dual factor authe

  • Landkreis Fulda Landkreis Fulda

    In der offiziellen App des Landkreises Fulda erfahren Sie Neuigkeiten aus der Region, finden Kurse aus der Volkshochschule und bekommen alle Infos rund um den Landkreis. Mit der App können Sie Termine mit dem Kreisjobcenter vereinbaren. Zudem erhalten Sie alle wichtigen Infos, welche Unterlagen Sie zu welchen Terminen mitbringen müssen. Vereinbaren Sie einen Termin in der Zulassungsstelle und bereiten Sie alles für den dortigen Besuch innerhalb der App bereits im Voraus vor. Sie kochen gerne oder Sie suchen einen Sportkurs im Landkreis Fulda? Oder wollen Sie eine neue Sprache lernen? Dann buchen Sie über die App einen der zahlreichen Kurse bei der Volkshochschule des Landkreises und überzeugen Sie sich von dem vielfältigen Programm der VHS. Ab jetzt verpassen Sie keinen Termin mehr zur Leerung Ihrer Mülltonnen. Lassen Sie sich mit der Landkreis-App daran erinnern, wann welche Ihrer Mülltonnen geleert wird. Außerdem hilft Ihnen die

  • Musei Solferino e San Martino Musei Solferino e San Martino

    A guide todiscover the museums and monuments of Solferino and San Martino museum complex, through multilingual cards, with historical insights and multimedia links. The geolocation takes us to see closely the most significant places of the battle on June 24th 1859, decisive battle for the unification of Italy and the birth of the Red Cross. This APP is designed to enhance your visit to museums and places of the battle. To allow users to use informations even on places without an internet line, at the first access it is necessary to wait for contents' download.


    BUNY gives you access to a shared network of kick-scooters that can be picked up and dropped off anywhere. Use BUNY for your daily commutes across the city, to go to a friends house, or simply to enjoy the city without polluting it and making a better World for all of us. How does it work: - Download the BUNY App. - Create your Account. - Find your BUNY and scan the QR-Code. - Ride safely and enjoy the ride. - Remember to End your ride and park your BUNY correctly. Please visit our website for more information

  • Studio Yoga Olis Studio Yoga Olis

    Yoga, Pilates, Ayurveda a Schio (Vicenza)

  • Heroes of Envell: Glorious Heroes of Envell: Glorious

    Your smartphone turned out to be a portal to a world where danger and adventures await you at every turn! Art, Vic, Kira, and Phil need your help! Unimaginably powerful forces are preparing to destroy the world of Envell as we speak. It's up to you to save it! Lead a team: gather your friends to fight evil in the name of peace throughout the land. Upgrade the heroes' skills: collect pets, create the best equipment, grab your weapons, and charge into battle! Discover the world: vivid locations, engaging conversations, and extreme battles will draw you into this incredible cyberuniverse. Become a legend: fight against monsters and don't let the forces of evil sew chaos and disorder. Worry-free gaming: progress through the storyline even if you're not connected to the internet and stay in the game wherever you are. Heroes of Envell is a captivating third-person RPG with the unforgettable atmosphere of the beloved cartoon and a unique storyline. • Battle hordes of monste

  • MyPortoValtravaglia MyPortoValtravaglia

    L’applicazione si pone come un nuovo strumento, strutturato per la tecnologia mobile, in grado di garantire una comunicazione efficace, immediata e costante tra l’Amministratore pubblico ed il cittadino. Non solo comunicazione, ma anche interazione del cittadino e del turista, attraverso le diverse funzionalità che saranno esaminate dettagliatamente nel corso della relazione tecnica. Attraverso lo strumento mobile il cittadino potrà usufruire, in ogni istante e soprattutto in ogni luogo, di informazioni utili sull’amministrazione comunale della città, delle associazioni più attive sul territorio, delle attività commerciali della zona e delle iniziative culturali più interessanti. Il cittadino oltre ad ottenere in tempo reale l’informazione, potrà geolocalizzare la propria posizione in relazione ai vari punti d’interesse di cui è ricco il comune di Porto Valtravaglia, e calcolare il percorso pi&ugra

  • Rainbow Accounting records Rainbow Accounting records

    This is a simple and easy-to-use bill with no tedious features, focus on simplicity and convenience, and clearly show data entries and consumption statistics. Users can easily record expenditures and the application automatically generates charts. Analyze your own consumption through the chart function, which makes it easier to manage your financial situation.

  • Oco Smart Camera Oco Smart Camera

    Monitor your home or your business with simple, affordable and full featured Oco cameras. Download Oco App to activate your Oco cameras. No monthly fees required! Key features: - View live video feed in high definition day or night. Look through your recordings using the timeline. Export video on your iPhone or iPad. - Get smart notifications when camera detects motion or sound. - Share your camera with your partners or family. Or make it public on your website. - Two-way talk lets you communicate with those in your home. - No Monthly Fees Required. We are happy to get your feedback, we read and appreciate every single review or feature suggestion. Oco App works only with Oco Cameras. Get in touch using Email: Facebook: getococamera Twitter: @getococamera Instagram: @getococamera

  • Security Token Security Token

    "Security Token" is an application for smart locks. Users get real-time dynamic passwords in bound devices, and use this password to open smart locks. Real-time dynamic password can greatly improve the security of smart locks.

  • Word Alive 2019 Word Alive 2019

    The Word Alive 2019 event app helps you discover the very best of Christian teaching at our annual event. Our app makes it easy to plan your stay while you focus on enjoying a great holiday and inspired bible teaching. Word Alive is an event that occurs every year around Easter for individuals, families and churches in the UK to come together and focus on Christ through the Bible. Using this app you can - View all the talks and see information about speakers, passage, time, location. - Find out who is speaking at this years event and see what talks they are doing. - Star your favourite talks and create your personalised event programme. - View the Word Alive TV schedule. - Get information about the youth and children’s programme. - Browse a map of the site to find your way around. - See the latest news and notices from the Word Alive event team. - Navigate the christian resources available in our exhibition. - See your location and next favourite on the map. - Keep yo

  • Carium Care Carium Care

    Carium Care helps healthcare providers and health coaches stay connected to their patients beyond the healthcare setting. Through HIPAA-compliant messaging, Carium Care enables seamless asynchronous care delivery when and where it’s needed. Save time, build patient loyalty, and drive better health outcomes with Carium Care and the companion Carium app for patients.

  • 福岡 博多 住吉 ゲイバー まじかるバナナ 福岡 博多 住吉 ゲイバー まじかるバナナ

    福岡を代表するゲイバーまじかるバナナのアプリが登場! お得情報の配信からアプリ会員限定のクーポンまで、今よりももっとまじかるバナナをお楽しみ頂けます! ご予約・ブログ・フォトギャラリー・ご来店前のトークなど、すべての機能がこのアプリにまとめられています! ゲイバーまじかるバナナをまだご利用されたことがないあなたも是非ご来店前にDLしてお店情報のチェックとアプリ会員限定割引特典をゲットされてください(^ω^) ◆information <住所> 福岡県福岡市博多区住吉4-8-2-1F <電話番号> 092-292-2025 <営業時間> PM8:00〜LAST <ウェブサイト> ◆ゲイバーまじかるバナナの紹介 <まじかるバナナってどんなとこ?> まじかるバナナは2014年4月にオープンした福岡を代表するゲイバーです。「ゲイバー」と言ってもノンケ(異性愛者)のお客様でもご利用が頂ける「ミックスバー」というジャンルになります。ウェブサイトをご覧の方でしたらお分かりになると思いますがYahooなどで【博多】【ゲイバー】といったワードで検索をすれば1番最初にまじかるバナナのウェブサイトが出ます。つまり、それだけたくさんの方が利用をされて気になっているゲイバーがまじかるバナナなのです! <どんなお客様が集まるの?> まじかるバナナには様々なお客様がご来店されます。というよりも同性愛に理解のある方でしたら誰でもウェルカムです!若い男の子が好きなゲイの方・ビアンの方・オナベの方・ノンケの方といった客層です。つまり、オールジャンルですね(笑)県外から出張やご旅行で博多に来られたお客様も多数ご来店されますので「はじめまして」でも気にせずお越しください。もちろん、1人でご利用されるのも大歓迎ですよ!お店が一体となった空間ですので浮くことはありませんし友達も増えます。 <その他のPRを教えてください!> ん~、笑いが絶えないことですかね!例えば、恋愛相談に来たお客様なんかも、なぜか帰るときには笑顔になっています(笑)普段の日常とは違う異空間がまじかるバナナでは味わえるんでしょうね。カラオケばっかりというよりトーク中心のゲイバーなのでカラオケが苦手なお客様にもピッタリなお店ですよっ!てか、とあるスタッ

  • 瀚海家教平台(家教端) 瀚海家教平台(家教端)

    瀚海家教,專注為8—18歲孩子提供一對一專屬定制化輔導,專注提升孩子學習成績,量身定制,樂享學習 [成績突飛猛進] 用好的學習方法,讓效果事半功倍 [學習不花冤枉錢] 1對1高效學習,拒絕無效補習 [改掉貪玩壞毛病] 養成好習慣,自主學習,愛上學習 [基礎紮實,舉一反三] 掌握紮實基礎,考試白邊不理其宗 [我們的優勢] 1對1輔導 嚴格篩選,真正萬里挑一的好老師

  • WCS Plant Statistics WCS Plant Statistics

    Using the Wiggert & Co WCS platform, you can see the current state of your concrete machinery from everywhere and review recent batches and mix designs. Overall statistics and drill-down capabilities up to a single batch give you the overview and the information you need to run your concrete plant.


    在O-Lens APP中,您可以隨時隨地使用移動會員卡,並參與我們的活動以獲得各種優惠券 *會員* 輕鬆查看您的帳戶信息,包括會員積分和購買歷史記錄 *菜單* 檢查並查看最適合您的產品 *促銷* 顯示最新促銷 *獎勵* 檢查並查看會員的獎償 In O-Lens APP, you can enjoy using mobile membership card anytime & anywhere and participate in our events to get various coupons *Member* Easily check your account information including membership point & purchase history *Menu* Check and review products that best suit you *Promotion* Show latest promotions *Rewards* Check and review benefits of membership

  • oxTeam oxTeam

    Welcome to a new-generation task manager. It is designed for small self-managing and constantly evolving teams working on global projects. And there is more to gain from it! A Worldwide community of such like-minded people can effectively manage reality. We are the ones who inhabit this planet and we know what needs to be done and where. It's time for us to take responsibility for our own lives and improve it together with consistency and determination. People. It's time we stopped treating each other as human resources and began thinking of others and ourselves as human beings with needs and feelings. This is the change that we expect in the 21st century and this is the challenge before us at oxTeam. Teams. Start creating a new team or join an existing one. Energy. Research shows a higher level of job satisfaction and personal effectiveness when working as part of a team. A team can be an endless source of strength and motivation. Self-development. When you work as a part of a tea

  • 书香博士 书香博士

    推动阅读的“新一代”引擎 “书香搏士”是专为小学阅读提供全方位解决方案的新一代互联网教育平台。平台从语文教学的刚性需求出发,聚焦语文与阅读教育的有机衔接,通过理念与技术的双重创新,服务小学阅读中的师、生、家、校及教育机构,最终实现提升学生语文素养、为教师工作减负增效、为学校打造良好校园阅读生态的产品目的。

  • Murder Mystery Detective Run Murder Mystery Detective Run

    A brand new murder mystery game with 4 cases where you play the role of a super detective and crack unsolved cases. Interrogate suspects in messenger style chat windows. Chat with suspects, read between the lines and uncover lies. Start as a rookie detective and advance your career by solving a series of cases. Save clues, collect evidence to nail the killer and work with the police to bring the suspect to justice. Solve four criminal cases where the police have failed to solve the crime. Make your own Clue Wall, piece the puzzle together and deliver justice. Put on your detective hat and usher in a new era taking over from Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. ** Please don't reveal case and killer facts in the reviews. The game will be a lot more fun if the users don't know the case facts - Thank you ** Features - Interrogate suspects in chat messenger style windows. - Take help of your loyal assistant in tracking down facts - Track daily local news about the murd

  • מגדיר בע”ח מגדיר בע”ח

    מגדיר חיות הכולל תמונות, הסבר והרצאה קולית על כל חיה.

  • village des automates village des automates

    Vous voilà au village des automates où les animaux prennent vie au contact de géants, de dinosaures et Gulliver ! Vous y rencontrerez même Pinocchio et tous ses amis, les pandas géants, les clowns musiciens, les géants et les lilliputiens ! Faites attention cependant à ne pas réveiller le T-Rex et la méchante sorcière qui vit dans la Pomme Géante. Rejoignez le pantin de bois pour lui venir en aide, il vous attend !

  • 瀚海家教平台(机构端) 瀚海家教平台(机构端)

    瀚海家教,專注為8—18歲孩子提供一對一專屬定制化輔導,專注提升孩子學習成績,量身定制,樂享學習 [成績突飛猛進] 用好的學習方法,讓效果事半功倍 [學習不花冤枉錢] 1對1高效學習,拒絕無效補習 [改掉貪玩壞毛病] 養成好習慣,自主學習,愛上學習 [基礎紮實,舉一反三] 掌握紮實基礎,考試白邊不理其宗 [我們的優勢] 1對1輔導 嚴格篩選,真正萬里挑一的好老師

  • Соёмбо караоке Соёмбо караоке

    Соёмбо караоке монгол бичиг болон кирилл бичгээр гар утсан дээр дуулах боломжтой боллоо.

  • Adaa AnyWhere Adaa AnyWhere

    The Adaa AnyWhere mobile application provides One Time Password (OTP) required for authentication while accessing enterprise applications. 
Adaa AnyWhere mobile application should be activated using activation code send by the application admin inside your organization.

  • Word Nail Word Nail

    Goal is very simple, find words from given letters. Sometimes it sea that you now which it is, but be careful as can totally different one. Choose game from: - Easy Word Nail - 4 letter words - Advance Word nail - 6 letter words - Hard Word Nail - 9 letter words

  • GreenLight IoT Scanner GreenLight IoT Scanner

    The first of its kind. Using our patent-pending process, scan and keep track of individually addressable IoT devices using your device’s camera. Upload the scanned data to the cloud for tracking and commissioning purposes.

  • Flames Grill And Pizza Flames Grill And Pizza

    you can make an order and track your order on our application.

  • Bump Cubes Bump Cubes

    Do you like to Bump into Cubes? You will love Bump Cubes! Only 10% of the players reach level 20... ^-^.

  • Ancient zodiac Ancient zodiac

    Game features: Magical adventure theme, super cute Q version of the painting style. Vertical screen real-time battle, cool hit effect! No need to connect to the Internet, you can play anywhere, anytime; Q cute style and exciting combination of fighting and fighting, as well as super big boss waiting for you to challenge!

  • RGB color calculator RGB color calculator

    The RGB color mode is a color standard in the industry, which is obtained by changing the three color channels of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) and superimposing them on each other. RGB is the color of the three channels of red, green and blue. This standard includes almost all colors that human vision can perceive. It is one of the most widely used color systems. In a computer, the so-called "how much" of RGB refers to brightness and is represented by an integer. Typically, RGB has 256 levels of brightness, expressed as numbers from 0, 1, 2... up to 255. Note that although the number is up to 255, 0 is also one of the values, so a total of 256 levels. Since web pages (WEB) are media developed based on computer browsers, the colors are mainly optical colors RGB (red, green, blue). Using this RGB color calculator, you can choose three values ??here, and the application will randomly combine them into six colors to help you choose the right RGB color during web development.

  • 毛豆代理版 毛豆代理版

    【工作台】整合日常待办事项,以及需要重点关注的资源情况。让日常工作、精力分配更为合理清晰 【绩效管理】核心数据随时查看,帮助管理者对经营情况时刻掌握 【营销工具】支持海报、长图、视频等多种营销传播方式,全方面进行营销 【库存看板】时刻查看在售车型及库存情况,帮忙销售进行更好地推荐 【消息通知】重要消息即刻触达,便于跟进和查看

  • FireFox鉬機油 FireFox鉬機油

    FireFox鉬機油 官方APP不定時推出限定優惠!APP會自動推播訊息,讓你不再錯過任何好康活動。FireFox鉬機油和日本大廠MITASU Oil 及西班牙大廠GRO Oil合作交流,於2014年同步取得代理經銷是重要的合作戰略夥伴。多年來秉持品質、創新、環保的經營理念,產銷各種汽機車、工業、船舶用潤滑油 ! *產品特色* 1.隨時掌握最新活動消息 2.不定時推出限定贈品、好康活動 3.手機立即下單付款,一鍵輕鬆購物! 4.用FB帳號或手機號碼就可輕鬆加入會員

  • Nampre Ext Nampre Ext

    Make sure to put all the numbers 1 to 9 in 3x3 blocks surrounded by rows, columns and bold lines. Operation is the top arrow button, select the game, press the play button. You can enter by touching an empty place and then touching a number. To erase, touch the number of the place you want to erase. You can not enter an incorrect number. In that case, the ad will be displayed. If you want to interrupt on the way, you can exit as it is. Since the contents up to the middle are saved, it is possible to resume. There are 5 difficulty levels. There are 2000 problems. Since the questioning order is random, please try to skip difficult problems.

  • Hopster Saturday Club: Empathy Hopster Saturday Club: Empathy

    Understanding emotions can be a difficult concept for young kids to fully grasp, whether it’s their own feelings or the emotional state of others. ‘Hopster Saturday Club: Empathy’ is a fantastic game designed to develop kid’s fundamental social and emotional literacy skills. As they play the mini-games they will begin to recognize and understand different emotions and learn lots of new ‘feelings words’ to describe how they and the characters are feeling. Developed with the support of EmpathyLab, a UK not-for-profit organization that inspires children to understand empathy and put it into action, the game builds on primary school activities designed to build real-life empathy skills. Your child will learn to: - Recognize facial expressions - Use emotional vocabulary - Match feelings and expressions - Understand their own emotions - Feel and show empathy for others Game features: - Match emotions to character expressions - Create your own expressio

  • Coorpacademy Coorpacademy

    Get the Coorpacademy experience on your phone! Enjoy learning a little everyday thanks to fun and innovative quizzes. Learning will never be as engaging as this ! All the skills you need to tackle the world of tomorrow, a mere swipe away today!

  • HRTeamware ID HRTeamware ID

    The HRTeamware Attendance ID App is used in conjunction with the HRTeamware Reader application. The solution provides a secure and cost-effective method of providing end-user identity services for attendance recording and time-keeping with the use of a smartphone. Organizations with HRTeamware subscriptions can activate their account to support HRTeamware app-based time and attendance. Once activated, their employees, partners and contractors can "time-in or time-out" using the HRTeamware ID app which generates a single-use QRCode for the HRTeamware Reader application to read or scan. The HRTeamware Reader app uses a smartphone's(or tablet) built-in camera to scan the QRCode generated by the HRTeamware ID app. Alternatively, for faster and hands-free scanning, the Reader can be used with an attached QRCode Scanning device (note that this requires the Reader to be installed on an OTG smartphone or tablet). Use of the HRTeamware ID requires an active account with HRTeamwa

  • KSU Muse KSU Muse

    Muse Magazine aspires to show the world the power of art in fostering positive change. Muse was founded by the English Language and Literature Department, at King Saud Univeristy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • Course au Large Course au Large

    Retrouvez dans l'application Course au Large tous les numéros et hors-séries publiés en kiosque, un accès au site internet ainsi qu'aux Annoncres, Bourse aux Equipiers et offres de location. Course Au Large est le premier magazine de la voile 100% sportive dédié exclusivement à l’actualité de la régate et de la course au large. Il traite des plus grandes courses de voile comme le Vendée Globe, la Volvo Ocean Race, la Coupe de l'America (America's Cup), des multicoques (Multi50, Diam24, Flying Phantom) ou trimaran Ultimes (Gitana 17, Banque Populaire, Macif, Sodebo, Actual), des courses en IRC, ORC, Osiris ou monotypes (Figaro Béneteau, J/80, J/40) de la voile légère (Finn, Laser, Nacra 17, 470, 49er FX). Le magazine Course Au Large paraît 6 numéros par an et se présente sous la forme d’un magazine haut de gamme, grand format, avec une maque

  • AROMAエステ メンテナンスサロン -bijou- AROMAエステ メンテナンスサロン -bijou-

    AROMAエステ メンテナンスサロン bijouの公式アプリをリリースしました。 予約制でこじんまりとしたリラックス出来る個室にてオールハンドで痩身、アロママッサージ、フェイシャルエステなど、満足いただけるよう1人1人時間を掛けて施術をさせていただいております。 カウンセリングから施術まで、アナタの好きな香りで体調判断しアロマでマッサージ。痩身いずれもオールハンドでじっくりしっかりと施術致しますので、御来店の程、お待ちしております。 ----------------- ◎主な機能 ----------------- ●予約ボタンから、いつでも予約をできます! 希望の人数・日時を指定して送信するだけで予約を依頼できます。 ●会員証やスタンプカードをアプリでまとめて管理できます。 ●お店でもらえるスタンプを集めて、お得な特典が受取れます。 ●次回来店日登録の機能では、登録した前日にプッシュ通知が届くので、予定の再確認がきます。 ●iPhoneの「カレンダー」や「リマインダー」機能に同期ができるので、iPhoneで予定管理がスッキリまとめられます! ----------------- ◎注意事項 ----------------- ●このアプリは、インターネット通信を利用して最新情報を表示します。 ●機種により、ご利用いただけない端末がございます。 ●本アプリはタブレットに対応しておりません。(一部機種によってはインストール可能ですが、正常に動作しない場合がございますので、あらかじめご了承ください。) ●本アプリをインストールする際には、個人情報の登録は必要ございません。各サービス利用の際にご確認のうえ、情報を入力してください。

  • 优享吧-网购可以打折的app 优享吧-网购可以打折的app

    优享吧,一款致力于为用户提供省钱网购方案的app。用户通过优享吧下单可以领优惠券下单再享受额外折扣返利!目前已覆盖淘宝,天猫,天猫超市,聚划算等多个购物平台的商品。 【产品特色】 使用简单:输入商品标题即可搜索,点击商品即可跳往对应平台,领券下单,确认收货后额外的折扣返利自动到账 一键登录:无需注册,直接使用手机号,凭验证码一键登录即可使用 购物返利:通过优享吧领取商家设置的大额券,内部券,最高可省80%以上

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