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checkers dama board game

  • Checkers - Dama Board Game Checkers - Dama Board Game

    The Checkers game is one of the classic board games that was part of many people's childhoods, also known as draughts, or dama. Our Checkers game is designed to please our players and provide a pleasurable gaming experience. FEATURES • Application size has been optimized and reduced • You can play Checkers 2 players mode • No internet connection required • 4 Board and pieces themes • Simple and beautiful graphics • Realistic sound effects • Customizable rules • Single and Multiplayer Checkers SUPPORTED LANGUAGES • English • Portuguese • Spanish RULES There are several strands regarding the Checkers Game rules, you can choose each aspect of the rules. With our game, you can play the following variations: • American Checkers (English Drafts) - Capturing is required, but the pieces can not be captured backwards. The king can not make long moves. The king can capture or move backwards. • International Checkers - Capt

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