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Lab Link

  • LabCorp|Link for Providers LabCorp|Link for Providers

    LabCorp|Link for Providers lets healthcare providers review lab test results for their patients as they become available directly from LabCorp. **Not for use by patients or with LabCorp|Patient.** Providers can use their iPhone or iPad to view patient lab results, patient demographics, and contact information related to those results. LabCorp|Link for Providers also offers the capability to look up additional information in LabCorp’s Directory of Services or view contact information for LabCorp scientific/medical experts by discipline directly from within the application. Your medical practice must be set up with an account on LabCorp|Link before results can be delivered to LabCorp|Link for Providers. Contact your LabCorp account representative for new account setup. This results-on-the-go application offers • Quick, at-a-glance Inbox summary list of your patients’ laboratory results • Access to either preliminary or final results based on physician’

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